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From a humble beginning 2005, we now manage over 500,000 matters. We work as a tight-knit team and are proud of what we achieve together. We think this reflects on the work we do every day.


Managing Director, FileMan

Ben, in conjuction with InfoTrack, developed the FileMan concept to provide the legal industry with a tailored archiving solution that caters exclusively to the needs of a law firm.

“The objective of FileMan is to give law firms the framework to shift the cost of archiving back to the end-user and assist them meet their compliance and professional obligations using our unique all-inclusive, disbursement-driven archiving service. Our mission is simple – We want to help each firm remove the burden and hassle of managing closed files once the matter has ended.”

Previous to starting FileMan, Ben worked as a systems analyst and computer programmer working across the mining, finance and legal sectors. He has been involved in system and process development for a number of large multinational companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Commonwealth Bank, Thiess and LEAP Legal.

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National Sales Manager

Matthew Perriam is the National Sales Manager - Integrated Services for InfoTrack.
He started his career working at a leading Melbourne Law Firm cataloguing and re-locating 9000 closed files to assist with an office move. Matthew progressed into Mortgage Processing and Conveyancing and was one of the early adopters of online title searching in Victoria.
Matthew's passion for web based systems lured him to the Legal Information Service industry where he worked at LawPoint for many years. He then joined LEAP Legal Software, where he started the InfoTrack business in Victoria.

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FileMan Account Manager

Anj has a wealth of experience in customer relations within service-based industries and places a strong importance on customer service.
She has managed several high profile accounts for past employers which involving liaising with large, multinational companies allowing her to foster strong communication skills.
Anj has extensive managerial experience and a flair for negotiation.


Business Development Manager

Prior to joining FileMan, Lester was employed as Business Development Manager for 16 years with Billback Systems, providing cost recovery solutions to legal and other professional firms to maximise the capture and billing of photocopy, print, fax and other disbursements.
Lester also spent 2 ½ years as Business Development Manager with Iron Mountain, providing records management solutions to legal, accounting and other professional firms as well as a wide cross-section of industry.
Lester has spent many years in addressing the cost recovery requirements of the legal profession, for which the recovery of file archiving costs is a significant factor.

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Business Development Manager

Kate is a Business Development Manager for InfoTrack Integrated and FileMan Records Management.
Kate was admitted as a practising solicitor for 3 years, working at a small law firm in Penrith, NSW and practised mainly in the areas of family law, personal injury law and conveyancing.
Kate used LEAP Legal Software and InfoTrack in her previous role as a solicitor, which led her to seeking a career at InfoTrack. This experience has given Kate the ability to relate to her clients and understand their file archiving needs.


Business Development Manager

Yvette Jones is the Victorian Business Development Manager for InfoTrack Integrated and FileMan Records Management.
Yvette has spent most of her career working with Enterprise level Business Software in a frontline and Channel Management capacity and then at IT Integrators providing full solutions to businesses in the professional sector.

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Business Development Manager

Melissa Bracken joined InfoTrack and FileMan in 2007, so she is one of the original Queensland InfoTrack team members.
Prior to working for FileMan, Melissa was a paralegal in several law firms for over 16 years.
When asked her favourite thing about FileMan, Melissa says, “I enjoy meeting new clients, and helping them service their needs”.


Business Development Manager

Cherie Watkins began working for the LEAP group in 2003, and celebrated her 12th year with us in March, as a Business Development Manager.
Prior to working at InfoTrack, she worked in the Conveyancing and Mortgage sectors.
Cherie says the thing she loves the most about InfoTrack is “the wonderful staff, and all the lovely clients I meet… it sounds cliché but it’s the truth”.
Cherie enjoys helping conveyancing practices and law firms to work to their full potential.

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