A file archiving solution designed for conveyancing practices,
integrating seamlessly with LEAP Conveyancer

Pass on the cost of file management

Our unique single fee per file approach means you can convert the cost of the file storage into a legitimate disbursement. The one-off amount you charge your clients includes;

  • file collection from your office
  • secure seven year storage
  • cataloguing
  • secure destruction.
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Bookkeeping work is minimised

When a new matter is created in LEAP Documents, two weeks later the cost recovery appears on your client ledger in LEAP Accounting, ensuring the cost is collected when you bill your client.

Use your LEAP database to manage and retrieve your files quickly

Each file we receive is catalogued using your matter number. The catalogue is automatically created for you and linked to the Electronic Matter in LEAP Office. File retrieval is simply arranged at the click of a mouse! Rather than sending the whole tub of files, we simply send you the file through either our DX or courier service, or you can have the file scanned and viewed in PDF format. You also have access to retrieval history including who requested a file and when.


Have the FileMan team take care of all the physical work

We will take care of collecting the file, through to packing, barcoding, archiving and destructing the files after seven years. You just put the file in a tub for collection... Your staff will love it!

Comply with your legal obligations

FileMan will securely store your hard copy files for seven years, then with your authorisation we will destroy the files for you. You can track the proposed destruction date easily online.

You will also reduce the risks associated with having important and confidential information unsecured and cluttering the office.

All files are stored within our secure facilities which include CCTV, Access/Control Systems, Long and Short Range Motion Sensor Alarms, Perimeter Fencing and Fire Suppression Systems.

View your states legal obligations:


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Transfer your old files for FREE

This includes:

  • Relocation of old files
  • Cataloguing of old files
  • Integration with LEAP