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David Gibbs - David Gibbs & Associates, VIC

"We had a whole floor within our office building dedicated, mainly, to storing old archived files in a compactus, shelving and boxes. FileMan collected almost 400 boxes of our old archived files and individually imaged and catalogued every file electronically. This was done at a nominal cost."


Rebecca Steindl - Steindl Bradley & Associates Solicitors, QLD

"FileMan collected all the physical files from our office and our old storage facility. We didn’t have to do a single thing.".


Gabrielle J Moss - Solicitor, NSW

"My previous filing system had consisted of a mixture of storing files with a company, and the remaining 16 years of work, was contained in my garage. Adopting the FileMan system was very easy. I had one of the team come show me the procedure and software at my practice, and from then I was away".

FileMan is really easy to use and saves us all so much time! We no longer worry about cataloguing and finding storage space. With FileMan I can legitimately pass on the small file archiving fee to my clients, saving us money. The FileMan team are super-efficient and make retrieving an old file a breeze!

Dianne Brown - Southern Tablelands Conveyancing, NSW

When I first started off, I was a sole practitioner operating from a very small office with no storage space. As my practice grew in size, so did the pile of files for completed matters, and before too long I was running out of space. FileMan's integration with LEAP means the cost recovery is automatically created on each matter so I don't forget to bill the client. Retrieving a closed file is as simple as clicking on a button within the LEAP matter. I highly recommend FileMan. The service offers a practical and integrated storage solution.

Michael Porter - Porter Conveyancing, NSW

Before FileMan I used to spend hours of non-productive time each week preparing files for archiving, and looking for information from old files. Archiving and retrievals happen almost automatically now - it's so convenient.

Kelly Watch - The Conveyancing Shop, NSW

FileMan has been beneficial to us in terms of storage, security and convenience. The integration of FileMan with LEAP Conveyancer I have found to be particularly helpful as the billing side saves time since the cost of the FileMan service is applied to each matter. This way the cost never slips through the cracks and is always accounted for. I have full confidence in FileMan and am happy to continue using their services.

Charissa Pascoe - Broken Hill Conveyancing, NSW

I was initially introduced to the FileMan service through LEAP. I was pleasantly surprised as I had not realised how inexpensive the service actually was, having never bothered to investigate. After being shown the services that FileMan provided, it seemed like a natural progression to integrate their system with my current LEAP software.

My previous filing system had consisted of a mixture of storing files with a company, and the remaining 16 years of work, was contained in my garage. Luckily, even with my spread out collection of files, adopting the FileMan system was very easy. I had one of the team come show me the procedure and software at my practice, and from then I was away.

FileMan has made my business more efficient and has made life much easier.  The reduced mess is fantastic, and getting the files out of my office and into a secure place means I am meeting my legal and service commitment to my clients. The impact that FileMan has had on my business is undoubtedly positive, the proficient service that they provide means that I save time as opposed to doing my own archiving, it also makes my office much tidier and I can present a very professional looking and feeling service.

The customer service provided by FileMan has been consistently prompt, efficient and friendly, utilising their service takes the worry and effort out of ensuring documents are filed correctly in order to be compliant. My client’s documents are always accessible even though they are highly secure, as FileMan provides an excellent online cataloguing service meaning it is not often that I even have to retrieve the physical files, since I can see much of what is needed, online.
For these reasons, I would certainly recommend FileMan, my clients are happy to pay for the professional management of their file as they understand the need for both security and quick accessibility.

Gabrielle J Moss - Solicitor, NSW

We have been using FileMan archiving service for the past 12 months and we have been extremely happy with their service for three main reasons:

The first aspect of the service is the cost, which is very competitive compared to other market providers. The fact that a single fee is charged to cover the collection, storage and destruction of the files makes billing very straightforward, and we can simply set out that fee in our client Costs Agreement. Additionally, we love the way that the fee is automatically charged to our clients through LEAP Accounting, as that avoids the risk of us “forgetting” to pass the charge onto our clients.

As we archive our files, we place them in a FileMan provided crate which is then collected once a month, although we can have collection more regularly if needed. The system is simple and reliable, and does not require significant management oversight. Given that we have limited on-site storage space, it is very important for us not to have closed files taking up valuable space in our office.

From time to time we need to retrieve archived files from FileMan. The online system is very simple to use (through a web interface) and very efficient, with files being delivered back to us the same day if we order in the morning, or the next day if the request is made later in the day. In my experience, this speed of delivery is market leading.

In summary we have been very pleased with the FileMan service and we happily recommend them to our colleagues.

David Prince - Kinslor Prince Lawyers, NSW

My initial reluctance to deal with the issue of file archiving has cost me thousands of dollars. Now that I use the FileMan service I can legitimately charge my clients a file archiving disbursement and eliminate the cost to my firm.

Vanessa Tait- V.J. Tait & Associates, NSW

Our office was running out of space with the amount of old archives being stored onsite. We had a number of boxes stored off-site as well. FileMan collected over 300 boxes of archives and individually imaged and catalogued every file electronically so that we can now view all our files at a click of a button. This was all done for FREE and has saved us so much time, space and money.

Majed Kheir - Kheir Lawyers, NSW

Before we signed up for FileMan, we did all our filing manually ourselves. FileMan contacted me to discuss their services and so when we decided to move offices and our files needed to be removed, I immediately thought of FileMan.

Using the FileMan service makes things much easier, as they do the filing work for us. Any files that have been placed into storage by them are quickly and easily retrieved, and this convenience has assisted in streamlining our filing processes.

The customer service provided by FileMan is great, they are helpful when we have any questions and are very easy to deal with. Not only does it help to keep our office tidy but the service also saves us time and gives us the peace of mind that our files are secure.

Fran Surace - Conveyancing Avenue, NSW

"I wish to advise how happy my staff are with FileMan. Not only does it solve our archiving needs but when a file is required to be retrieved it is delivered to our DX within 24 hours of request. We are able to pass on the fee to the client so our bottom line is not affected."

George Pashalis - J J Honeyman & Associates, NSW

Signing up for FileMan has relieved us of any storage problems, which can often be an issue for suburban law practises, as like us, many store their countless files onsite. It has also provided us with a great system through which the notification of clients and subsequent destruction of files, takes place both smoothly and efficiently. The FileMan service is the solution to the issue of file management, particularly for suburban practises where often they don’t properly store or record their files. With FileMan you can always rest assured that your files are systematically recorded, secure and are available for fast recovery if needed.

Brian & Margaret Williams Solicitors, VIC

We had a whole floor within our office building dedicated, mainly, to storing old archived files in a compactus, shelving and boxes. FileMan collected almost 400 boxes of our old archived files and individually imaged and catalogued every file electronically. This was done at a nominal cost.

The retrieval process is fantastic, if requested early in the day a file is located and delivered that day and failing that, the next. I cannot recommend FileMan too highly.

David Gibbs - David Gibbs & Associates, VIC

Our practice has been using Fileman for two years now and it has provided a solution for cataloguing and storage of our closed files.

Using FileMan has also meant we have been able to get rid of a number of filing cabinets so there is a larger and clearer workspace in which we can operate. We are delighted with the service provided by the company’s employees, they are friendly and efficient people who pick up the files on time and return them very quickly if we need to retrieve them.

When we explain the Fileman service to our clients and the cost involved, they have no objections to it at all. They see its value clearly.

David Bongiorno - David Bongiorno & Associates, VIC

I found out about FileMan through its recommendation as a service to align with our LEAP Office software. Previously we had been using another company for file destruction and storage, but unfortunately we still had our files stored all over the place, under desks, in the roof and out the back of the office.

Making the move to FileMan in March 2012 was an easy process. FileMan collected all the physical files from our office, and from our old storage facility. We didn’t have to do a single thing, and this pretty much sums up the FileMan experience – everything is taken care of for you.

FileMan has made archiving much smoother and efficient as we no longer have to deal with the physical files, we simply put them in the blue box that we are supplied with. As FileMan is integrated with LEAP Office, this means that every file that has ever been created in the LEAP system goes to FileMan, and therefore everything is kept in one place.

This integration also saves us time as all files held by FileMan are also stored in an electronic version and kept in an online catalogue, even the coversheets for each file are scanned, so often we can simply look this up online, print it out, and don’t even need the file to be physically retrieved. As you can imagine this saves vast amounts of time. In saying this however, the times where we have needed our files retrieved, FileMan does this happily and we generally receive the requested documents the next day.

I would not hesitate to recommend FileMan to others. This is the only archiving company that is specific to legal offices, and which provides an online catalogue of your files. The customer service is always excellent, and the biggest benefit for me is that all our physical files are in one place, stored securely and with easy and instant access via the online system.

Rebecca Steindl - Steindl Bradley & Associates Solicitors, QLD

Being a LEAP client, I was introduced to FileMan through their software. I have now been using FileMan for roughly three years. Before FileMan our practice stored some of our files in a locked shed at home and the rest were held in storage.

Transitioning from storing our files ourselves in a variety of ways to solely using FileMan was definitely a learning curve. However the whole process is infinitely easier now and it gives me peace of mind that all our files are stored securely in one place!

Any files that need to be retrieved from storage are quickly and easily returned to our office. If I have trouble finding one of our files via the online catalogue, which rarely happens, I call the FileMan customer service staff and they are happy to help and always find the file almost instantly.

FileMan has certainly changed our practice, by eliminating the need for a staff member to do the filing and archiving. This is fantastic for productivity as staff members who previously looked after this can now take on other important tasks.

One of the major benefits of FileMan is its role in cost recovery. The integration of FileMan with the LEAP system means that we never lose any costs associated with files, and we have no quibbles about passing on the FileMan filing costs to our understanding clients. The security and easy retrieval of their documents is important to both them, and us.

I would recommend FileMan as a cost effective filing system of the utmost convenience. Files are collected quickly and are accessible anytime, anywhere and are stored securely – what more could you ask for?

Ellen Geldard - Geldard Sherrington Law, QLD

FileMan collected all our old archive boxes and individually imaged and catalogued every file electronically. This was all done at NO CHARGE. We now have online access to all these files without the need of looking through pages of inaccurate indexes or box reference numbers. A file takes less than a few minutes to locate and request retrieval of. Gone are the days of physically looking through boxes for a file that cannot be found.

Anne Murray - Anne Murray & Co, QLD