Perils of bad filing archiving

Aside from aesthetic factors, neglecting your file archiving can lead to a variety of issues impacting privacy, health concerns and legal obligations. FileMan works to alleviate all such pain points easily and seamlessly.

According to a 2011 study, over 57% of people judge a co-worker based on the state of their workspace, as well as finding that office clutter undermines both motivation and efficiency.
Issue: Messy, cluttered office with an unprofessional look.

Even the Government loses documents. In 2011, 32 secret cabinet documents went missing, it is still unknown whether they were misplaced, destroyed or leaked.
Issue: Privacy issues around storing sensitive information

In 2007, cardboard boxes stored above shoulder height fell on top of three office employees, causing moderate to serious injuries.
Issue: Occupational Health & Safety concerns related to storage issues

In the past, natural disasters in Australia have affected law practices and destroyed important and irreplacable client files.
Issue: The risk of damage or destruction to files

Thankfully these situations are relatively uncommon; however, they highlight the importance of ensuring that your clients’ files are stored securely at all times.

FileMan alleviates all of these issues and makes file archiving easy.

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